For years I’ve taught “Style in Prose” at the university level. A guilty pleasure, truly. The longer I teach this class, the more I learn and the more my writing—and my students’ writing—improves.

Then I wrote a book, How to Write Stunning Sentences, which became a Small Press Distribution bestseller. Creative writing professors emailed me to say, “Love this! I’m using it to teach!”; “I recommend it to all my writing students!” A student emailed me the other day and wrote, “Taking your class has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a writer. For the first time in my life, I feel a sense of control, like I am garnering tools that will help me enhance my understanding of well-written prose and make me a better writer.” 

My passion (nerdiness) runs deep. I’ve put together a new creative writing journal, with 80 new stunning sentences, which will be published by Fiction Advocate in September 2022.

All of that playing with sentences turned in my novel, The Translator, which won the Next Generation Indie Book Award for General Fiction and was a finalist for the William Saroyan International Writing Prize. My first novel, The Painting, was a finalist for the Northern California Book Award and named a Best Book by the San Francisco Chronicle. I have a new novel coming out, Afterword, in 2023, and a short story collection, In this Ravishing World, which won the W.H. Porter Prize for Short Story Collections and The Prism Prize for Climate Literature. It will be published in 2024.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive a stunning sentence from a published work once a week (maybe twice if I can’t stand the wait). I’ll show you what the author is doing, so you can use the architecture of the sentence and try it too.

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